Creating a Windows File System Backup Set from the Command Line Interface


qcreate backupset


This command creates a new backup set under the given client and agent.

The qcreate backupset command also allows the user to create default backup sets and on-demand backup sets. The default subclient created under the backup set can also be associated with a storage policy. If a storage policy name is not included, the subclient remains unassigned.

Upon successful completion, qcreate backupset displays the message "Created backupset successfully" on the command prompt. In case of an error, an error code and description are displayed as: "backupset: Error errorcode: errordescription"


qcreate backupset -c client -a dataagenttype -i instance -n backupset [-sp storagepolicy] [-t NORMAL|DEFAULT|ONDEMAND] [-tf tokenfile] [-tk token] [-af Argument Filepath] [-h]


-c Client computer name
-a Agent type installed on client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)
-i Instance name, required for certain agents
-n Name of the backup set to be created
-t Type of backup set (NORMAL, DEFAULT, or ONDEMAND)
-sp Storage policy name with which default subclients are to be associated
-tf Reads token from a file
-tk Token string
-af Reads arguments from a file
-h Displays help

Argument File

client Client computer name
dataagent Agent type installed on client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)
backupset Backup set name to be created
sp Storage policy name to be associated with all subclients in the backup set
backupsettype Backup set type (NORMAL, DEFAULT, or ONDEMAND)
compressionat Compression at client or MediaAgent (CLIENT|MA)
networkagents Number of network agents
prebackup Prebackup command name
postbackup Postbackup command name
prescan Prescan command name
postscan Postscan command name


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful completion.

1 - CLI usage failures, due to the use of an unsupported option or missing argument.

2 - Any other failure.