Plan the Service Pack Installation

For a successful installation, perform the following preparation tasks before you install the service pack.

  • Remember the Installation Sequence

    When you install a new service pack version in your CommCell environment, the service pack must be installed in the following sequence:

    1. On the CommServe computer
    2. On the MediaAgents and client computers

    Tip: If you install the service pack by using the CommCell Console, you can select MediaAgents and clients along with the CommServe computer during the installation. The CommCell Console is installs the service pack first on the CommServe, and then on the MediaAgents and on the clients.

  • Review Space Requirements

    The following table outlines the space requirement for installing the service pack on a computer that has the File System Agent, MediaAgent, or other packages.
    Operating System File System Agent File System Agent and MediaAgent Multiple Packages
    Windows 700 MB 750 MB 800 MB
    UNIX 750 MB 1 GB 1.5 GB
    Linux 500 MB 700 MB 1 GB
    Macintosh 450 MB N/A 600 MB

    For each additional package that you install on a File System Agent or MediaAgent computer, you will need an additional 500 MB of disk space. Remember that the space requirement will vary based on the package and the service pack version that is installed on the computer.

  • Review Considerations for the CommServe Computer

    • During the service pack installation on the CommServe computer, services are stopped and the CommCell Console is closed. Therefore, install the service pack at a time when you are not running jobs in your CommCell environment. You can wait for the jobs to finish, or you can terminate them.
    • If the CommServe computer is in a cluster environment, you must install the service pack first on the active node of the cluster, and then on the passive nodes.

      Note: The service pack must be installed on the physical nodes of the cluster. Installations on virtual nodes are not supported.

  • Review Considerations for the MediaAgent and Client Computers

    • Determine the Clients That You Want to Update

      For optimal and reliable performance in your CommCell environment, we recommend that the CommServe computer, the MediaAgents, and clients operate at the same service pack level.

      You can choose not to update all MediaAgents and clients. However, you will not benefit from software enhancements and new features.

      To view the service pack version of all clients in your CommCell environment, see Viewing the Service Pack Details for One or More Clients.

    • Review Considerations for Cluster Environments

      The service pack must be installed on the physical nodes of the cluster. Installations on virtual nodes are not supported.

    • Verify the Service Pack Version Installed on the CommServe Computer

      When you install a new service pack version, make sure that it is already installed on the CommServe computer, unless you plan to install the service pack on the CommServe computer and clients at the same time by using the CommCell Console.

    • Prepare Block-Level Clients for Restart After Service Pack Installations

      If you have Block-Level clients, you must restart the clients after installing the service pack. Therefore, plan the installation for a time when you can restart the Block-Level clients.

      After you restart the clients, native snapshots are deleted, which causes backup copy jobs to fail. To resolve this issue, see Knowledge Base article WFS0016: Native Snapshots are Deleted after the Restart of the Client Computer.