Deprecation Notice for NetApp File Archiver Agent

The NetApp File Archiver Agent is deprecated in this version of the software, and you cannot install it. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Obsolescence Policy.


Version 11

Effect of Deprecation

If you have the NetApp File Archiver Agent installed on an existing client, you cannot upgrade the client to the current software version. You must deconfigure the NetApp File Archiver Agent before you upgrade the client.

After you upgrade the client, you can perform recovery operations only with the deconfigured agent.

You cannot perform archive jobs with this agent.

For more information about the NetApp File Archiver Agent, see Overview - NetApp File Archiver Agent.

Note: If you want to continue to use the NetApp File Archiver Agent for archiving and recovery operations, you cannot upgrade the client.

Replacement Product

This functionality is now available by using OnePass for NetApp. No new license is required for OnePass for NetApp. For more information, see Transitioning from a V9 Traditional Archiver Agent to V11 OnePass.