End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Obsolescence Policy

NetApp Products and Features

When a NetApp product or feature has reached End-of-Life (EOL) cycle, your software provider will issue several notices outlining the effective date of obsolescence. Full or limited support for the product or feature will be provided from the date of announcement through the date of obsolescence.

When a feature is classified as Deprecated, it means it does not exist in the current media kit as an installation option. This functionality in many cases is available using a different product set. In some cases you can use an install kit from a prior version to support the use-case in an “as-is” support model

Visit the NetApp, Inc. Product Support website at http://www.NetApp.com/us/support for more information on the EOL process.

Third-Party Platforms

When a third-party vendor operating system, application, or hardware product has reached End-of-Life, your software provider will publish notification of obsolescence at a pre-determined location. All engineering support for a third-party vendor operating system, application, or hardware product that has reached EOL will expire immediately upon the release of the notification of obsolescence. NetApp Customer Support will provide commercially reasonable assistance to customers with unsupported platforms and applications limited to Tier One support assistance where possible. No hot fixes or updates will be released as part of this assistance.

To review the list of deprecated third-party vendor platforms, see Platforms.

Service Pack Lifecycle Support Policy

We recommend that you install the latest service pack to remain current with all fixes and enhancements, however we fully support customers on the three most recent service packs. Thus, to remain fully supported, you must apply service packs at least every 6 months.

When support for a service pack ends, NetApp will no longer provide new updates and hotfixes for that service pack. For customers on supported products with service pack versions that no longer have full support, NetApp offers limited support as follows:

  • Limited break/fix support incidents will be provided through NetApp Customer Service and Support.
  • If the support incident requires escalation to development for further guidance, requires a hotfix, or requires a security update, customers will be asked to upgrade to a fully supported service pack.
  • Limited support does not include an option to engage NetApp’s product development resources; technical workarounds may be limited or not possible.